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Most symbolic concerts with the ORCHESTRE POUR LA PAIX - to be remembered at the Peace Palace, at the Kloosterkerk Den Haag, but also at the Vredeskerk in Amsterdam and at the UNSECO in Paris.

Beyond the symbolic concept of bringing together the musicians of different nationalities, the group was led by an Egyptian conductor (Nader Abbassi : just excellent !) The audience was captivated by the high artistic level of the music and undoubtedly shared moments of pure musical delight. - Diplomatic Affairs


Musicians from the Mediterranean region came together for one week in The Hague to rehearse and to perform a classical repertoire of popular compositions from Mozart Bach and Mendelssohn, even the founder of the orchestra, the Argentinean pianist and UNESCO Ambassador, Miguel Angel Estrella, also explained his convictions and engagement. He even performed himself on the piano and with the orchestra the concerto in a-minor by Bach.


François Roux, Head of Defense office at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, and the main coordinator of the different partners, organizations and sponsors, said in his welcome speech “… that this orchestra can create a unique sound through the universal language of music.”

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